My mind is racing. I think about opportunity cost. Instead, I think about it too much.

Maybe if I think more about it, I will have a transcendental moment of realization. Then, I will have clarity. It just all has to click into place.

When it clicks into place, I won’t overthink things.

I definitely won’t overthink things.

But then I wonder why I wait. I sit restless in bed and begin to confront my thoughts. They don’t seem so scary after an hour or two. In fact, sometimes they begin to seem trivial, maybe even absurd. …

Do you ever wonder about the state of consciousness we spend a third of our life in? Do you wonder why it was rarely covered in health class growing up? Do you ponder how the industrial age and light bulb built a work schedule that resulted in you being sleep deprived in high school? Do you realize that you have grown up to be a cog in a system controlled by the bourgeoisie? Are you inspired to overturn capitalism and start a revolution to liberate yourself from the sleep deprivation it has caused? I’m joking (I promise), but I sure…

Jun Tsuru

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